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Fun Thanksgiving Traditions for Families

Written by Country Home Learning Center on November 16, 2020

A lot of families have holiday traditions. We love hearing about the unique traditions that different families have had for generations, and we love hearing the new traditions that families come up with. As you grow your own family and babies turn into toddlers, you may be thinking more about what Thanksgiving traditions you want to have each year. A tradition can be as simple as saying something you’re thankful for or as involved as running a turkey trot; whatever the tradition is, the important part is that it is special to your family. So if you’re looking for some Thanksgiving tradition ideas to start this year, keep reading.

  • Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot
  • Family walk on Thanksgiving morning
  • Pumpkin-themed Thanksgiving breakfast
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Hot apple cider with breakfast
  • Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving together
  • Share one (or five!) things you’re thankful for at dinner
  • Pie making contest
  • Pie eating contest
  • Call out-of-state relatives
  • Create a thankful tree (every day of the month you tape a new leaf on it with something you’re thankful for)
  • Play a board game
  • Play a family game of football
  • Ice Thanksgiving-themed sugar cookies
  • Write letters to friends and family, and let them know why you’re thankful for them
  • Dress up for dinner
  • Wear fancy hats
  • Hide secret messages in rolls or biscuits
  • Make a new dessert each year
  • Pick out a Christmas tree that evening
  • Get Christmas PJs now instead of Christmas Eve (that way you can enjoy them all season long)

The best part about traditions is that you can make them fit your family. Whatever you decide to do next week, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!