Gingerbread is a classic holiday cookie. From chewy ginger snaps to beloved gingerbread men, there’s something about the sweet and spicy taste of gingerbread that screams winter. And there’s more to gingerbread than cookies! There’s gingerbread houses, stories, crafts, and even books to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a creative way to spend a morning, afternoon, or full day with your little one, consider planning a “gingerbread day!” We’ve compiled gingerbread recipes, crafts, and books below to make your planning a little easier. Simply pick as many or few items as you’d like, and have a blast doing all things gingerbread with your kid. 

“You can’t catch me!” –The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Recipes

What better way to start your gingerbread day than with fresh-baked gingerbread cookies? We could dedicate an entire blog post to gingerbread recipes, but we’ll just share a few of the classic, top-rated ones for now. And don’t worry…if you’re not in a cookie mood, we’ve included a few nontraditional gingerbread recipes below too!

Gingerbread Crafts

While your cookies are baking, it’s the perfect time for a gingerbread-themed craft! The crafts below don’t call for actual gingerbread in any way; for simplicity’s sake, we just kept them in theme. Of course, you can always build a gingerbread house or ice gingerbread men as a fun and edible craft!

Gingerbread Books

End your day of gingerbread fun with a gingerbread bedtime book!

Is it just us, or are you craving a gingerbread cookie now? If you happen to whip up a batch, feel free to bring some by CHLC!