Homemade Fruit Snacks

If you have kids, fruit snacks are likely a staple in your pantry. No matter how picky your little one may or may not be, she probably likes fruit snacks. These colorful, fun-shaped gummies seem like a healthy snack for lunches or after school, but they may not be as healthy as you think. With added sugar at the top of most fruit snacks’ ingredient list, many fruit snacks are closer to candy than a healthy snack.

We’re not saying that kids should never have fruit snacks; after all, the sugar content in this snack is still lower than many others. And sometimes parents just need to have an easy snack on hand that no one will complain about. We get that! But if you’ve been trying to find simple ways to reduce added sugar in your family’s diet, we’ve got a pretty simple homemade fruit snack recipe for you to try.

This fruit snack recipe from Dessert for Two includes two different flavors (mango carrot and strawberry beet), and each flavor incorporates hidden veggies for added nutritional value. You can tailor the recipe to be sweeter as needed; if your kids already love fruit snacks, you’ll likely have to up the amount of honey to begin with, then slowly decrease the amount you use each time you make the recipe.

The simple recipe calls for fruit (mangoes or strawberries), veggies (carrots or beets), honey, water, and grass-fed gelatin. For supplies, you’ll need a loaf pan, high-speed blender, and mini pie cutters to create the cute shapes. Get the full recipe here.

Let us know if you and your kids enjoy this recipe! It may seem like a small change, but incorporating small healthy habits can make a big difference in your kids’ health.