Healthy Homemade Popsicles
Summertime’s heat may have driven you inside, so now’s the time to cool off with a homemade popsicle that’s more than flavored water or processed fruit juice. Hit the farmer’s market, break out the blender, invest in a popsicle mold, and delight in the sweet bounty of summer.
Watermelon Lime Ginger Pops
Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon. Pair it with just a bit of sugar, lime juice, and ginger for a treat that captures those lazy summer days.
Recipe here.
Mango Lime Pops
Branch out from traditional summer favorites with this ice pop that’s like a cold drink on a hot day. Mango, lime juice, and a bit of sugar form this simple snack that will please the kid in all of us.
Recipe here.
Grape, Green Apple, Kale Ice Pops
This pop is packed with nutrition — and flavor! Grapes, kale, apples, and bananas come together to keep your kids cool and their tummies satisfied. They’ll never know how healthy their dessert really is.
Recipe here.
Dairy Free Cherry Almond Pops
Please your lactose intolerant little ones (and yourself if needed!) with these creamy treats that combine almond milk with fresh cherries. Enjoy summertime indulgence!
Recipe here.
Peaches and Cream Pops
You can’t go wrong with a twist on classic peaches and cream. This recipe calls for peach nectar, heavy cream, brown sugar, and fresh ginger – perfect for summer evenings on the porch.
Recipe here.
We hope you enjoy these summer treats as much as we do!