Happy Labor Day! As you celebrate today, it’s a great time to teach your kids a little bit about this holiday. And you might learn something new, too!

  1. Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday of September. 
  2. The original purpose of Labor Day was to celebrate union workers. 
  3. Labor Day became a national holiday during Grover Cleveland’s presidency.
  4. Cedarville, Ohio is known as the “Birthplace of Labor Day” because James Kyle, the senator responsible for introducing the motion to make Labor Day a national holiday, was born there.
  5. The first Waffle House opened on Labor Day in 1955.
  6. Oregon was the first state to make it an official holiday, in 1887.
  7. The first Labor Day parade was in New York City in 1882.
  8. Canada celebrated Labor Day before the United States ever did.
  9. Labor Day has come to also be a day that signifies the end of summer.
  10. In the 19th century, Americans worked much longer hours than the 40-hour work week we are used to. The average worker worked 12-hour days, seven days a week.