Spring breaks are around the corner, and we want to help your family make the most of your break. If your spring break plans don’t include a vacation, consider trying out a stay-at-home vacation, or a “staycation.” A staycation is a great opportunity to act like you’re a tourist right in your own hometown.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your staycation:

Visit Local Museums

It’s easy to overlook attractions when you drive by them on a daily basis. Whatever the interests of you or your kids, there’s a good chance than an amazing museum is in your town or nearby. Pretend like you’re a tourist for the day and explore!

Change Your Routine

A staycation should enable you to deviate from the status quo. Does your family usually have meals at home during the week? Try out a new local restaurant instead. Does the family usually wake up to alarms? Set aside a day or two to sleep in and relax. Changing up your routine will make your spring break feel like vacation without leaving your house.

Open Up Your Home

Do busy schedules have you feeling disconnected from family or friends? Take the opportunity to practice hospitality and invite a family over for a meal. Get the kids involved by having them make an invitation (or a text or phone call works, too) and help create the menu. Don’t forget to stay in a staycation state of mind– that means no stressing over a spotless house. Relationships are the important thing.

Prioritize Family Time

However you decide to fill your staycation, be sure to prioritize family time. This time of year gets busy for many families with an influx of spring sports and end-of-year activities at school. Set aside time each day to spend together as a family. Make an effort to have meals together, or schedule a special game night. While you may not be traveling over spring break, there are plenty of ways to make memories together.

How will your family be spending spring break? We’d love to hear!