Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

Last week we shared some yummy punch recipes to try out at your Memorial Day festivities, and today we’re sharing some kid-friendly crafts perfect for post-cookout activities. Pick one or two of the crafts below, and set up a craft table outside for your kids. If you want to teach your kids about Memorial Day before you start crafting, check out these Memorial Day facts for kids.

Glow in the Dark Sensory Bottles
All you need for this craft is empty water bottles, water, baby oil, glitter, food coloring, and glow sticks. These make great toys that provide entertainment even when the sun goes down.

Shaving Cream Fireworks
Paint, shaving cream, toothpicks, and paper are practically all you need for this craft that kids love. Alternative idea: use cool whip and food coloring to turn these into edible fireworks!

Patriotic Sun Catchers
Embrace the holiday by decorating the windows with your very own fireworks.

Star Spangled Slime
Kids love slime, and who can blame them? This festive slime will be a hit for kids (and even adults) of all ages.

Pompom Flags
This pompom activity is great for fine motor skill development and counting practice.

Red, White, and Blue Coffee Filter Stars

These patriotic stars are simple to make and double as great window decorations…save them and use them to decorate for July 4th!

Patriotic Bubble Blowers
You’ll need a handful of paper straws for this craft activity. Kids will assemble bubble blowers and then have a chance to blow ginormous bubbles!

Happy Memorial Day!