little girl learning hand eye coordination while playing mini golf

The best way to learn something is to have fun. Well, what could be more fun for kids than playing mini golf? This fun pastime offers many benefits for children of all ages, from improving hand-eye coordination to honing problem-solving skills. Let’s talk about the advantages of mini golf for children of all ages, and how it builds hand-eye coordination and many other skills.


Many people assume hand-eye coordination as the ability to throw or catch a ball with accuracy, but it’s much more than that and is required for a variety of everyday tasks. This is basically your body’s ability to coordinate hand movement based on the information it receives from your eyes.

Hand-eye coordination is involved in many body systems, with a combination of proprioception and kinesthesia (an awareness of where the body is in space and how it moves, using visual processing). Your body then has to fulfill the appropriate motor pattern to accurately complete the task with just the right amount of force.

Hand-eye coordination helps with grasping objects, playing games, handwriting, eating, cooking, and more. Just like with any skill, hand-eye coordination can be improved upon and practiced.

Mini golf takes a combination of hand-eye coordination and motor skills to perfect. Children have to carefully control their movements when aiming their putter at the ball so they can hit it in the right direction. Not only does this process require concentration and precision, it requires an innate understanding of cause and effect. Mini golf allows kids to develop hand-eye coordination, which can then help them tackle other activities successfully in life, like learning how to write or playing sports.


Mini golf courses typically have a range of obstacles to overcome, from bridges and tunnels to sand traps and other obstacles. Kids must use their problem-solving skills to figure out the best way around those obstacles and how to best complete the course. This requires creative thinking skills to navigate the course while staying away from obstacles, and as such, they can apply those problem-solving skills to other areas of life. Mini golf helps kids hone critical thinking skills as they learn how to solve problems from a variety of angles.


Mini golf provides the opportunity for kids to interact with others and make new friends. This group activity helps children socialize with their peers, especially kids who are shy or who don’t make new friends easily. Working together to get through the course, kids are able to bond over a shared experience while developing vital social skills ranging from teamwork to communication.

Physical Health

Mini golf, a low-impact physical activity, helps kids stay active and healthy even though it’s not as intense as other physical activities. Mini golf takes some level of movement, which can improve cardiovascular health, as well as improve balance, which can serve kids later on when preventing injuries in other activities like sports. Because mini golf is fun and doesn’t seem like exercise, kids can embrace a love for physical activity in the great outdoors, with the benefits lasting for decades to come.


Mini golf is a great confidence booster for children, as they get a deep sense of accomplishment after completing each hole. When they feel pride in their achievements, they gain a greater sense of self. And because mini golf isn’t a very competitive activity, kids can enjoy the game without the pressure of winning or losing. In turn, this builds confidence that can infiltrate into other areas of their lives.


Mini golf courses usually incorporate educational themes, such as those that feature historical events or scientific concepts. Kids can gain a deeper understanding of the concept as it encourages fun and engaging learning outside the classroom.

In the end, mini golf is a fun activity that brings kids together, helping them with socialization, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, physical health, learning abilities, and confidence. And because it’s done in a group setting, kids are able to interact with their peers while engaging in an educational activity in the great outdoors.

Enjoy Putt-Putt Golf at Country Home Learning Center!

Here at Country Home Learning Center, we have our very own custom-designed putt-putt golf course for kids in our program. This non-sequential layout means many kids can play at once, with our nine-hole course including a colorful maze of golfing challenges. Parents, come play with your kids in our beautiful “back five”! To learn more or to set up a tour of our facilities, contact us today.