With Mother’s Day just around the corner, take a little time to get creative and show mom some appreciation with these easy preschool-friendly craft ideas.
Basic Supplies (varies by craft):
Construction paper
Blank 8×10 canvas
Washable paint
Acrylic paint (be sure to use a cover up!)
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners
Ceramic flower pots
Coffee filters
You Are My Sunshine
This phrase gets all new meaning when your child is the one who shares it, and the iconic phrase is showing up everywhere on craft sites. Some of our favorite ideas:

  • Paint a sun orb on a canvas and let your child’s handprints be the rays. Hand letter “You are my Sunshine”. Even better, let your child write it!
  • Color a coffee filter yellow and then let your child add sun rays and a big smile. Make this the ‘o’ in MOM as you decorate a large drawing with “MOM, You are our sunshine.”

Footprints and Handprints and Fingerprints Galore
Your child’s sweet little hands, feet, and fingers are the perfect accompaniment to any picture. These are fun to make from year to year as your child grows, and they’ll become treasured keepsakes for gallery walls.

  • Spell out LOVE on a canvas using a handprint for the ‘o’ and footprints for the ‘v’.
  • Decorate a flower pot with handprint flowers.
  • Make a flower garden on canvas or fabric and write variations on the “you help me grow” phrase.
  • Draw a large heart on cardstock and have your child fill it in with colored fingerprints.

Old-fashioned Paper, Scissors, and Upcycling

  • Make flowers out of cardboard egg cartons. Cut the cartons into thirds (four squares each) and let your kids color or paint. Glue to heavy paper, canvas, or fabric with pipe cleaner stems.
  • Cut or tear pieces of tissue paper. Draw a large heart on cardstock and write “I love you to pieces.” Then, have your preschooler fill in the heart with the paper pieces.

Of Gardens and Growing

  • Make DIY wind chimes with small flowerpots and plastic beads — a great task for fine-motor skills.
  • Plant seedlings in small pots. Include a letter about how mom helps you grow just like these seeds.

What are you doing to celebrate Mom this week?
Need some visuals to help you out? Check out our sources: