With summer in full swing, and an unusual summer at that, you may find yourself running out of activities to keep your kids out of your hair–we mean entertained! While it’s easy for the hot Texas sun to send us indoors for movies or crafts, why not embrace the summer heat in a way the kids will love? Today we’re sharing the best outdoor water games for your kids to play at home! Whether you have a hose, sprinkler, or just buckets of water, we’re sure there’s a water game or two your kiddos will love playing with each other.

Water Balloon Toss
Fill up some water balloons, and take turns tossing them to each other. See how many tosses you can get in a row before it pops or someone drops it. Want to take it up a notch? Take a step back every time you catch the balloon. How many steps can you take before it pops?

Sponge Soaker
For this water game, you’ll need two buckets and a sponge. Fill one bucket with water, and place it about 10 feet from the other (empty) bucket. See how long it takes to fill the empty bucket with the water you soak up in a sponge. If you can set up two or more lanes, this is the perfect opportunity for some friendly competition!

Old Fashioned Sprinkler Fun
Have a sprinkler at home? Just turn it on and let your kiddo run around as long as he wants! Summer fun can be as simple as that.

Duck, Duck, Splash
You guessed it–it’s like Duck, Duck, Goose with water! Everyone sits in a circle, and whoever is “it” stands up and holds a cup of water. They walk around the circle saying “Duck..duck..” as they pass each person. When they decide to say, “Splash,” they pour the cup of water on that friend and then run around the circle, trying to make it to that seat before they are tagged. You’ll be lucky if you stay dry during this game!

Frozen T-shirt Race
This water game is freezing! It also takes a little more planning than the others. Take a tshirt, soak it with water, and then fold it while it is still wet. Put the folded wet t-shirt in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. Let it freeze overnight. The next afternoon, or whenever you’re ready, challenge your kids to put on the frozen t-shirt! It’s freezing, but it’s possible!

Happy splashing!