young mom and toddler eating peaches during an outdoor picnic

With spring’s arrival comes the hope of warmer weather and getting outside to enjoy the fresh air. One way to enjoy a beautiful day is to have an outdoor picnic with friends. These books about picnics are sure to delight your toddlers and preschoolers.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Authored by Jimmy Kennedy and illustrated by Alexandra Day, your little ones will love reading this classic teddy-bear tale board book edition about picnics. This timeless story/song book is perfect for even the youngest readers.

We’re Going on a Picnic!

Author/illustrator Pat Hutchins brings us on a sweet adventure with Hen, Goose, and Duck as they set out for a picnic. As they go along, Hen, Goose, and Duck each pick berries, apples, and pears, placing them into their picnic basket. But they soon realize that they’re not the only ones who love those sweet treats as their basket gets lighter and lighter as they go along.

Pat Hutchins made a name for herself in 1968 with Rosie’s Walk, and has since been a household name in books for young readers and listeners.

The Bears’ Picnic

Written by Stan and Jan Berenstain, this classic Beginner Book (edited by Dr. Seuss) will delight readers between the ages of 3 and 7. It’s all about the quest for picnic perfection as the Berenstain Bears set out to find just the right spot to enjoy their midday treat. Even though Father Bear keeps saying he knows just the place, each location they arrive at turns into a disaster, whether it’s from a swarm of mosquitoes or a train roaring past.

Finally they find a spot free from noisy planes and pesky crowds…but then it starts to rain. This early reader series motivates young kids to read on their own through the use of simple words with illustrations providing clues as to their meaning. Featuring a mix of supportive vocabulary and cheerful art, The Bears’ Picnic is a must read.

The Perfect Picnic

You and the kids will enjoy this hilarious story from the acclaimed author of Those Pesky Rabbits (Ciara Flood). This story is all about perfectionists, friendship, and even losing your sandwiches as it follows Squirrel and Mole going on picnics. Mole doesn’t care where they have their picnic, but Squirrel is determined to find the absolute perfect place.

The Lost Picnic

Written by B.B. Cronin, The Lost Picnic is all about a grandfather taking his grandkids on a fun picnic in his jalopy. Follow them as they cruise on a busy highway, past quaint villages and green parks, and finally out into the country. But when they get to the picnic spot, though, they all soon discover their food has fallen out of the car along the way. Your kids are tasked with finding the missing food so the family can finally enjoy their treats.

A to Z Animal Picnic

Authored by Kim Marie, the A to Z Animal Picnic uses tongue twisters to reinforce the sound of each letter through repetition. Follow all the animals, from Alexander Alligator all the way down to Zachary Zebra, as they head to their annual animal picnic. Your kids will love the hidden pictures, alliteration, and ants to count in this fun alphabet book.

Packing up a Picnic: Activities and Recipes for Kids

Packing up a Picnic, written by Rick Walton and Jennifer Adams, offers dozens of new ideas and ways to enjoy picnics any time of year. Find new recipes and fun games and activities that you and your kids can do while enjoying a picnic. So grab your favorite foods, head outside, spread out a blanket, and enjoy all your favorite springtime snacks.

Get new and unusual picnic ideas with various themes encouraging learning and creativity. For each idea, you’ll get a list of supplies to bring, a menu with recipes, and hints on how to make and even pack the food. Themes include breakfast picnic, bicycle picnic, beach picnic, drive-in picnic, mystery picnic, and more.

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