Did you know that there are a ton of podcasts created specifically for kids? That’s right… podcasts aren’t just for adults! Podcasts can be a great teaching or entertainment supplement for kids, especially if  you’re trying to limit screen time. Podcasts are perfect for road trips, quiet time, or even before bedtime.

Here’s a list of some of the best podcasts for kids. Let us know which ones you like best!

Story Pirates
This silly podcast featuring comedians who bring kid stories to life.

ExtraBLURT Jr.
This interactive game show podcast is fun for the whole family. You get to be “contestants” on a game show and shout out answers to a variety of trivia questions.

Noodle Loaf
This music-themed podcast will have your kids singing, dancing, and having a blast.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian
This science-fiction story series will have your kids’ attention from the first episode. Follow Finn’s story and discover pet robots, aliens, and more!

Tune in for a new children’s story every week. From classic fairy tales to thrilling adventures, this podcast is great for kids of all ages.

If you have a little science lover at home, Tumble is the podcast for you. Scientists bring science to life through fascinating stories and experiments.

Animal Sound Safari
This podcast is all about—you guessed it—animals! Full of cool stories and interesting facts, your kids won’t even realize they’re learning!

Brains On!
This podcast is for curious kids and adults alike. Each episode talks about how something works or why something happens.

Do your kids love a podcast that’s not on our list? Comment below what it is so we can add it to our list!