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Books in all their many forms are cherished by people of all ages. Kids in particular like to listen to audio books – especially when engaging in passive activities such as riding in the car or lounging in their rooms. Audio books can be an excellent introduction to the world of reading for toddlers and preschoolers who can’t read yet.

But that’s not even the half of it. Audiobooks have also been used extensively with second-language learners, non-readers, struggling readers, and learning-disabled students. Such books have proven successful in helping these kids gain access to literature and actually enjoy books.

There are many more benefits of audio books, which:

  • Introduce students to books that may be above their reading level
  • Model strong interpretive reading skills
  • Teach critical listening skills
  • Showcase the humor in books
  • Introduce new genres
  • Introduce new vocabulary or difficult names and locales
  • Offer a bridge to important discussion topics for parents and kids who can listen together while in the car on the way to vacations, sports practices, music lessons, etc.
  • Add inflection and interest to a story

So, if you’re planning a road trip with the family soon, you might want to pick up some of these children’s audiobooks from the library, at the book store, or online.

Check Out These Audiobooks For Your Next Trip

I Want My Hat Back!

By Job Klassen

Uh oh — Bear can’t find his hat, and none of the other animals have seen it — not even Rabbit. It takes Deer asking the right question for Bear to come to a surprising realization. Your kids will be lulled by Daniel Pinkwater’s New Yorker narration that captures the hilarity of this kids’ picture book.

A Bear Called Paddington

By Michael Bond

The Brown family’s life changes forever when they meet Paddington Bear in a train station. They’ll soon learn that “ordinary” is not part of Paddington’s vocabulary – even though he’s driven by good intentions. Sure to win your kids’ hearts, Paddington’s adventures are always hilarious. This classic is narrated by Stephen Fry, an award-winning actor.

A Wrinkle in Time

By Madeleine L’Engle

Here’s another classic, and this one’s about Meg Murray and her brother, Charles Wallace, who go looking for their dad. He’s a scientist who was experimenting with time travel, and suddenly disappeared without a trace. The siblings embark on an epic quest that blends fantasy and science to save their dad. There’s a forward read by Madeleine L’Engle herself, with an afterword by Charlotte Jones Voiklis, L’Engle’s granddaughter.

Mary Poppins

By P.L. Travers

Let’s keep rolling along with the classics. When the Banks family hires a nanny, they get much more than they bargained for. The delightful Mary Poppins, with her parrot-headed umbrella and bottomless bag, challenges the kids — Jane, Michael, and the twins – to put some fun into their lives. This classic British audiobook is read by Sophie Thompson, award-winning actress.

Too Much Glue

By Jason Lefebvre

Matty loves glue and he uses it whenever he can. With dad at home, he makes glue glasses, glue bouncy balls, and glue mustaches. But with his art teacher at school, he’s told that using too much glue will never dry. Matty doesn’t listen and dreams up the most incredible glue project ever in art class one day. Well, all we can say is, he certainly learns his lesson!

Green Eggs and Ham

By Dr. Seuss

There’s no better book to be read aloud than this one by classic and revered author, Dr. Seuss. Great for ages 2 to 7, the rhyming, sing-song verses of this beloved story make perfect audiobooks. This one is narrated by Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame, and with his silly voice, he makes this classic really come alive.

The Little Shop of Monsters

By R.L. Stine

In this book great for ages 3 to 7, you’ll visit R.L. Stine’s Little Shop of Monsters where you’ll meet frighteningly fun creatures, all backed by a playful performance by actor Jack Black.

Wrapping it Up

We hope you can find your favorite audiobook from our list here today. Get them free at your local library or purchase them fairly inexpensively online.

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