Family Goals for New Year

As 2020 approaches, you might be thinking of what New Year’s resolutions you will commit to for the next year. Whether it is running three times a week, eating less fast food, reading a certain number of books, or something else, a new year is a great time to set goals.

We’re all familiar with setting personal goals in the new year, but have you ever considered setting family goals? Family goals focus on practices that promote the health of your family, whether physically, relationally, or emotionally. When deciding on family goals, simple is key. There’s no need to attempt some extravagant (or even unrealistic) goal, such as “no arguing” or “no more TV.” Instead, pick one or two things that you think would really benefit your family as a whole. You can choose any family goal you want, and there’s a good chance you already have one or two ideas in mind, but we wanted to share some healthy practices we think will benefit any family who commits to them.

Eat a meal together three times a week.
Setting aside time to eat as a family encourages stronger relationships. Engage in conversation with your kids, even if they’re young. And choose a number of meals that is practical for your family. Maybe that’s one dinner and one breakfast a week, maybe that’s dinner every day of the week.

Read a book out loud as a family.
In our fast-paced world full of screens, it’s important to give you and your kids a place to unplug and imagine. Pick a chapter book to read to your kids each night, and let their imaginations run wild. Little minds need space to be creative, and books make them imagine without even realizing it.

Put technology away one night a week for family night.
Have one family night a week. Play board games, make dessert together, work on a puzzle, or paint something. Whatever you do, put your phones away so that your kids have your undivided attention. Create memories together and get to know them as their personality blossoms. And remember, you don’t need to have crazy expectations for family night. Maybe it will last an hour, maybe it will last all evening. The point is spending quality time together.

Take a family walk once a week.
If you live in a neighborhood or near a park, take family walks. It’s healthy for the whole family and provides a perfect space for conversation. Setting aside time to spend with your family will show your kids how much you care.
These are just a few ideas, but they are a great place to start. What do you think? What family goals will you set for 2020? Comment below and let us know!