Do you have spring cleaning goals this year? From decluttering the kitchen to clearing out the closets, there’s always something waiting to be cleaned each spring. But how do you get anything done with kids at the house? The best way to conquer spring cleaning with kids is to include them in the cleaning! That’s right, kids can help with spring cleaning, and they can actually be a real help.  

Start by giving your kids clearly-defined tasks. Some ideas include:

  • Wiping the door knobs 
  • Wiping the baseboards 
  • Checking expiration dates in the fridge 
  • Picking out toys they don’t want 
  • Putting toys away
  • Matching socks 
  • Picking up sticks 
  • Sweeping 

Once they have a task, try to add some fun. Put some upbeat music on and have a little dance party while everyone cleans. Another idea is to set timers to see how much you can get done in 5, 10, 15 minutes. Clean for concentrated periods of time, then take a break so your kids don’t burn out too quickly. You might even consider breaking up your spring cleaning throughout the whole spring season, rather than one day of cleaning. Aim for an hour of cleaning every day or every other day, and you’ll be surprised what can get done when everyone is pitching in. Don’t forget to encourage your kids along the way, even if they don’t do something exactly how you would have, or if they missed a spot of dust somewhere. Encourage them and thank them for their help along the way. 

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