Did you open stockings on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning as a child? Do you remember the excitement of pulling little trinkets from the stocking, wondering what would be next? In the hustle of Christmas lists and letters to Santa, it can be easy to forget about stockings. But stockings are a family favorite in many homes. Stockings are low-pressure gifts, and there’s no reason at all to stress about filling them. In case you’re not sure what to fill your children’s stockings with this Christmas, we have some ideas for you!

Snack Stockings
It’s safe to say that kids love snacks, and they seem to be bottomless pits when it comes to eating them. Instead of knick-knacks this year, fill your kids’ stockings with their favorite snacks or special snacks you don’t typically have at home. One thing is for sure: you won’t have to worry about snacks collecting dust!

Color-coded Stockings
If you don’t necessarily want to stick with a theme, consider giving each child a color-coded stocking. If your daughter’s favorite color is yellow, fill her stocking with yellow nail polish, chapstick, candy, snacks, and anything yellow you find at the store.

Family Night Stockings
Looking for a stocking idea that promotes family time? Go for a game night or movie night stocking. Put a movie or game, popcorn, candy, or snacks in each stocking. That’s everything you need for a fun-filled family night, or Christmas afternoon!

We’d love to hear your favorite stocking stuffer ideas! Comment below with your go-to stuffers or anything new you’re gifting this year.