Black and White Cartoon Illustration of Funny Vehicles and Machines or Trucks Cars Comic Characters Group for Coloring Book
Calling all summertime boredom induced boys!  Country Home Learning Center has a solution to all of your woes.  Grab a box of colored pencils or crayons, pick out your favorite colors and have a seat at the table.  Ask a grown-up to print out this coloring page and get ready to show off your skills.  We want to see your creative talent on display, so have fun with this page.  What is that truck getting ready to deliver? Who’s the driver in the front seat of the pick-up? Which farm does the tractor belong to?  Answer these questions with your crayons and your imagination.
This next bit is for you, parents!  Encourage your children’s creativity by setting up some time during the day for just that.  Sit them down with all sorts of colors and papers and instruct them to think outside the box.  They can draw or write whatever they want for the next ten minutes. Will they create a brand new land with creatures and fascinating plants?  Will they blueprint designs for the next greatest invention?  Will their cars fly and their animals talk?  During creativity time, it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that they’re exploring and asking questions and using their coloring as an outlet for those perky imaginations.
Display your children’s artwork around the house: on the fridge, taped to cabinets, stuck on bathroom mirrors or as cards for family.  Remind them that what they create is always beautiful to you because they worked so hard on it.  If you’re feeling creative yourself, sit down with them for just a few minutes.  Sometimes a coloring book is the best therapy for stress or busyness.  We’ll even let you print off an extra copy of this one just for you! Happy coloring!