The end of summer is right around the corner.  Stores have started stocking up on school supplies and you can practically smell the dread of students everywhere hanging in the air.  Summer has a shelf life and you and your family only have a few short weeks before expiration hits!  Let us help you make some fun, lasting memories with your kids!
What You’ll Need:

  • Bottles of shaving cream: the more, the merrier
  • Clean, dry surface: outdoor tables or counters work best
  • Two buckets of water: for quick, easy clean up of kids and surfaces

How You’ll Do It: 

  • Put your kids in their swim suits and set them up at whatever surface you’ve chosen.
  • Spray shaving cream all over surface and leave the remaining nearby for a refill
  • Join your kids in drawing pictures, building shaving cream snowmen and getting messy for the afternoon.
  • When you’ve had your fill, toss a bucket of water on the table and have your kids dip their hands and feet in another bucket.

Sometimes, the simplest of times are the best of times.  Your kids may forget the everyday nature of summer: the routines, the summer reading, and the bike riding through the neighborhood.  Your kids will never forget the moments after dinner where you enjoyed a few minutes with them.  There is a sweet magic in the ordinary days, as the summer twilight fades in the background and the laughter of children dances in with the breeze. It’s in special moments like these that doorways are opened for conversation.  Sitting around a table full of shaving cream in your swim suit may seem silly at first, but it’s the perfect place to spark a deep chat with your child.  You can enjoy one-on-one, uninterrupted time with your child, making memories that last forever.
What do you say? Head out to the grocery store, fill up on shaving cream and come home with a surprise for your kiddos.  For an extra dose of summer fun, start a shaving cream fight in the grass. Chase your kids around with a double fist of shaving cream and get them as messy as possible before bedtime.  It’ll be the perfect ending to a great summer of memories!