Summer Break Necessities

Summer break is one of the best times of the year! School is out, the sun is out, and there’s so much daylight to enjoy every day. As a parent, it can feel like a challenge to keep everyone organized and alive when summer arrives. That’s why we’re sharing some of the basic summer necessities to have with you, whether you’re at the pool, the park, or even playing in your backyard.

Hand sanitizer

It’s no news to you that kids are pretty messy. Pair their innate ability to make a mess with the new sights that summer brings, and hand sanitizer is your best friend! Wipes are a great alternative to have stocked in the car to clean up spills and sticky fingers.


Capture the candid moments of summer…and the not-so-candid moments. It may be a little old school, but giving each child a disposable camera for the summer is a fun way to let them take photos and capture their own memories of the season. At the end of summer, they can go with you to drop off the camera, get it developed, and wait patiently to pick up the photos. Talk about a blast from the past!


Texas heats up pretty quick in the summer, and you can really never have too much sunscreen. Keep a few bottles of SPF around and keep everyone’s skin protected from the hot summer sun.


Books can keep your kiddos entertained on the road, at home, or even at the grocery store. Rent some new books from the library each week, and pick one or two longer books to read out loud as a family. Reading together is a great discussion starter and memory maker!

First aid kit

It’s always best to be prepared with the basics: a variety of bandaids, Neosporin, aloe vera, and even some lollipops! Hopefully you won’t have any injuries this summer, but they’ll come in handy in case of bug bites, splinters, or sunburn.

We can’t wait to hear all about your summer adventures!