Summer Sensory Play for Toddlers

Summertime is here, which makes it the perfect time to take sensory play outside. Sensory play gives your child a chance to explore new textures, shapes, and objects in a familiar and safe environment. As a parent, there’s no reason to stress yourself out when it comes to sensory play. Just have fun with it and watching your child discover the world around him!

Click on an image below to read through the activity instructions.

Giant Bubble Wands

How to make a Giant Bubble Wand - here are two methods for DIY Giant Bubble Wands. Fabulous for playing outdoors, garden parties and street parties. These can keep my kids busy all summer!!

Erupting Ice Chalk

Summer fun with erupting ice chalk paint - sensory play to help you stay cool!

Duck Pond Sensory Bin

IMG 7960

Colored Ice Painting and Play

Painting with colored ice - a fun summer kids activity!

Meadow Gloop

Meadow Oobleck/Gloop is an exciting sensory play opportunity that stimulates kids senses, connects them with Nature and promotes many areas of learning.

Rice Sensory Bin

summer sensory bin

Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

pretty frozen play idea

Wash Muddy Animals Sensory Play

Edible farm yard messy play for babies and toddlers!

We love sensory play! Pick an activity and try it out this weekend, and be sure to let us know how it went!