Unplug with Tech-Free Family Tips
As Friday approaches, it’s time to leave work behind and focus on family, friends, and recharging for the next week.
As in, recharging yourself and not just your technology.
In this ever increasing digital world where everything from business email to our personal cameras to international news is right at our fingertips, retraining ourselves to live in the moment can actually make us more productive.
We’ve all seen the studies and info-graphics on our social media reminding us our brains need a technology break. By unplugging, even for a short time, you’ll reduce the stress you experience when a notification pings. You’ll find time to build relationships and get more sleep. You might even feel more content with your own circumstances since you aren’t scrolling through everyone else’s.
Try these tech-free tips this weekend. Breathe easy knowing the world will be waiting on Monday morning, and you’ll have the energy to engage with it.

  • Enable the Do Not Disturb setting on your phone or device. You can choose the hours you want to keep it quiet, but should an emergency arise from one of your favorite contacts, the setting will be overridden. This is a great resource for family mealtime and the full eight hours you should be sleeping.
  • Delete addicting apps. Think Facebook, Instagram, or the latest craze—Pokemon Go. Just because you delete the app from your phone does not mean you’ve deleted your account. Simply take away the temptation to check it while riding in the car, waiting in a restaurant, or standing in the grocery line. All those status updates will still be there when you log in from your home computer or add the app back for a weekly check-in.
  • Out of sight, out of mind. Plug your device in so it gets a good charge, and then go rejuvenate yourself in another room. This is the same principle we use with our kids when they need a rest from a certain toy. And it works, right?
  • Make tech-free a game. This is a great idea to engage with your tweens and teens who might have their own devices. Place everyone’s tablet or phone on a shelf together and see who can go the longest without checking it. Loser buys ice cream—or makes dinner!

Here are some ideas to enjoy during your tech-free time this weekend:

  • Take a bike ride.
  • Cook a meal together as a family. Use a cookbook instead of Pinterest.
  • Check out a local waterpark.
  • Take a true scavenger hunt for items in your city or neighborhood.

Have a great weekend!