The Benefits of Classical Music for Children

Beethoven, Bach, Mozart…most of these names are familiar to us, even if we wouldn’t consider ourselves musical. But what we might not be aware of is the benefits that classical music has on children. If you have a little one at home, it might be time to add some Bach to your everyday playlist. Keep reading to learn why!

Classical Music Soothes

Why is it that we tend to sing lullaby songs to soothe infants and children? We often see a noticeable emotional response in children to music. Soothing music has been proven to lower heart rates and reduce stress. (Adults should take note, too!)

Classical Music Improves Listening Skills

Consistently listening to classical music has been linked to improved listening skills in children. Because classical music is not usually repetitive like songs that might be on the radio, listeners are challenged to follow the ever changing tune (even when they don’t realize it!).

You don’t have to be musical to benefit from listening to classical music. Even if you aren’t sure that there’s a musical bone in your child’s body, classical music offers so many benefits beyond encouraging musical talent.

Classical Music Boosts Creativity

Classical music can literally improve brain function. The calming effect it has causes your brain to release dopamine, which prevents the release of stress hormones. This leads to clearer thinking and boosted creativity!

Recommended Classical Music Resources

We’ve never had more access to classical music than we do now. From TV shows to podcasts to YouTube channels, there are so many options available for introducing your children to classical music. Find the one that works best for your family!

But these resources are just the tip of the classical music iceberg. Classical music is classical music—it doesn’t need to be geared towards kids. So just search classical music on your preferred music streaming platform, and you’ll find a plethora of classical music to enjoy with your little one.