We are huge advocates for family game nights. They are such a great outlet for quality time, making memories, learning new things, following instructions, bonding as a family, and more. In our fast-paced world that seems to revolve around screens, a family game night is the perfect reset to get little ones thinking in new ways and using that growing brain of theirs.  

So what board games are the best for family game nights? There are a wide variety of games, from matching to strategy to trivia, and we think they all have a place at family game night. So here are our top board game picks, featuring classics and some new ones,  for your next game night.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game
Designed for ages 3+, the objective of this game is to help the squirrels collect five acorns.

This classic game teaches kids the basic principles of drawing a card and following its instructions.

Gnomes at Night
This game is for kids six and older; players work together to collect treasures before the time runs out.

Five Little Fish
Intended for ages 3+, this game helps children learn colors.

Chutes and Ladders
This timeless board game is for ages 3+. No reading is required to play, and players compete to see who will reach the top first!

Candy Land
Players 3 and older will take turns drawing cards and moving as directed, to see who can reach the candy kingdom first. 

The Original Memory Game
This game helps children work on memory recall and matching.

Created for children 4+, the goal of this card game is to build snakes and have the most snakes at the end of the game. 

Dragon Snacks
Children 4+ have to follow clues and snatch the right treasures from the baby dragon’s belly. This interactive, unpredictable game is a kid favorite!

Button, Button, Belly Button
This matching game is for players 2 years and older. It helps children with color identification, spatial recognition, and vocabulary. 

So what are you waiting for? Plan a family game night this week, and try one of these family favorite games! Is our list missing a game?  Comment below and let us know what your family’s favorite board game is.