When the bunny comes hopping by your home this Easter, don’t despair that your child’s teeth will be rotten by church time. While Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, and Reece’s Pieces in carrot shape might be tradition, there are plenty of other great Easter basket stuffers on the shelves. Tuck plenty of these ideas into the plastic grass and your child will never notice the lack of jellybeans.

For Toddlers:

For Big Kids:

  • sidewalk glitter chalk
  • silly putty (conveniently it’s already in a plastic egg!)
  • wind up toy such as a bunny or chick
  • spring-themed hairbands or bows
  • comic books
  • action figures or mini toys that fit into eggs
  • Spot It, Jr. Game
  • Easter themed Pez dispenser
  • hatch and grow animals 
  • hot wheels
  • pool toys

For Tweens (and beyond):

  • neon sidewalk paint
  • graphic novels (The Babysitters Club got a reboot)
  • fun jewelry
  • mini lego sets
  • swimsuit
  • nail polish
  • gum
  • earbuds
  • jump rope
  • micromachines
  • flip flops

Beyond the Basket:

Other Resources:

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