Do you have a little one on the way? You may not be in full nesting mode yet, but chances are you’ve started imagining what the nursery might look like. Maybe you’ve even started or finished decorating the nursery. Whether you’re just dreaming up ideas or putting the finishing touches on your baby’s nursery, we’re here to talk about the easiest plants to decorate with (and keep alive).

The Best Plants for Your Baby’s Nursery

Did you know that many plants actually purify the surrounding air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen? Besides looking beautiful and adding more life to your nursery, they can also remove harmful toxins from the air. Check out your local home improvement store, Ikea, Walmart, and even grocery stores for many of these plants.

Snake Plant
This statement plant requires little water and light, making it ideal for your nursery. You can buy them in various sizes, but they can grow up to four feet tall.

English Ivy
This plant is ideal for hanging on a shelf in your nursery, due to its vine-like characteristics.

ZZ Plant
If you’re feeling cautious about parenting a plant, get a ZZ plant. It can survive with little water and light, making it the easiest plant you could ask for.

This durable plant is another great choice for a shelf or hanging planter, with space to grow and let its leaves trail.

Chinese Money Plant
Perhaps one of the cutest plants around, it’s also known at the friendship plant. This plant does best in a shady spot.

Plants are an affordable and timeless way to add some life to your nursery. We love décor that doesn’t get old; if the plants get to be a nuisance when your infant becomes a mobile toddler, no problem! Just move the plants to your kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else that needs a little sprucing up.