Last week we shared some of our favorite sensory activities for toddlers. So this week it’s all about the preschoolers! As children develop and become more familiar with different sights and sounds, more advanced sensory activities will help them make new connections and discoveries about the world around them. These sensory activities are unique, fun, and full of new things for your preschooler to discover.

Use Your Feet

A lot of sensory activities focus on kids exploring with their hands, but why not give them a chance to play with their feet? Fill a large container with sand or water, along with small objects such as marbles. From a sitting position, let your child try picking up or digging for different objects… with their feet!
Feet in Sand Sensory Activity
Feet in Water Sensory Activity

Get Cookin’

Mouthwatering smells, stirring pots, and the variety of colors and flavors make cooking and baking great sensory activities for preschoolers. Here are a few safe ways your preschooler can have sensory fun in the kitchen:

  • Stirring chocolate chips into the cookie dough
  • Rinsing lettuce leaves or any vegetable
  • Removing spinach stems
  • Measuring dry ingredients
  • Snapping green beans

Tasting new flavors can help with language development, too. If you allow your child to sample ingredients along the way, ask them to describe each taste. Help them discover new words, like tangy, bitter, bland, and salty.

Slime Time!

The slime possibilities are endless! Let your child help make slime, or let her do it all by herself. Kids can explore molding it, cutting it, and reshaping it as much as they want. For extended sensory fun, make multiple kinds of slime and compare how they are different.
Need slime recipes? Fun at Home With Kids shared the ultimate guide of slime recipes to make with your preschooler! There are so many to choose from!