The Importance of Daily Movement for Kids

Daily movement is important for everyone. Adults often think of this as exercise, which can have negative connotations to some people. Kids shouldn’t be worried about going to the gym, burning a certain amount of calories, or hitting a step goal every day. Instead, parents and guardians should encourage children to be active in fun ways, such as playing at the park or riding their bikes.

Daily movement should be fun for kids, not stressful. As they enjoy daily movement of some sort, their little bodies will be reaping benefits they don’t even realize. When paired with balanced meals, daily movement can control their weight, regulate blood sugar levels, and regulate blood pressure. Even more, it can strengthen the heart, lungs, and bones. Surprisingly, exercise has been shown to boost children’s immune systems, and who doesn’t want that?

Physical activity benefits more than different parts of the body. It can also help kids sleep better and sustain energy levels throughout their days. Additionally, it can reduce anxiety in kids and help them better cope with stress. Exercise promotes an overall healthier emotional state for kids, and it also boosts their confidence.

Kids growing up today have more access to screens than any other generation. Too much time in front of screens and not enough daily movement can lead to childhood obesity, which is an increasingly prevalent issue in the United States. You can encourage your kids to stay active by joining them and making movement fun. As adults, we can set the example for our kids by being active and not spending our free time in front of screens.

What are some of your family’s favorite ways to get movement in? Evening walks, hikes, and bike rides are just a few simple ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.