Outdoor Treasure Hunt for Kids

Do you have any little nature lovers at home? Or what about little ones who are just full of energy? One of the best ways to let kids expend their energy in a healthy way is to take them outside. There’s something about the wide open skies, cool breezes, and fresh air that is exhilarating for kids and adults alike. The great outdoors is the perfect place for kids to release all their built-up energy and be as loud as they need! So if you’re looking for an outdoor activity but aren’t sure what to do, keep reading.

Planning the Treasure Hunt

Set aside a day or afternoon to take your little explorer on an outdoor treasure hunt. This treasure hunt can be as involved as you’d like. You can choose even a theme and use your imagination to pretend you’re pirates, explorers, or whatever you want to be. Just have fun with it!

The treasure hunt is simple, and there are a couple of ways you could organize it. First, you could prepare a checklist for your child. The two of you would then go outside and try to find each item on that list, checking items off as you go. You could even take a backpack or bag with you to store all of your treasures.

The second way you could do this is to go outside without a list. Instead of looking for specific items, you and your child can enjoy searching for whatever treasures you can find. Bring a bag to store your treasures, or take pictures of what you find along the way.
Going on this kind of “treasure hunt” is a great sensory activity for kids. It gives them a chance to touch, smell and even hear new things. You might ask them to describe their treasures along the way.

Treasure Ideas

Here are a few ideas for your treasure hunt list:

  • A small pinecone
  • A pinecone bigger than your hand
  • A yellow flower
  • Something colorful
  • A smooth rock
  • A leaf
  • An acorn
  • Two kinds of sticks
  • Something fuzzy
  • A coin
  • Pine needles
  • A spiderweb

Before you go hunting for treasure, be sure to apply sunscreen and bug spray as necessary! You might also consider bringing some hand sanitizer with you; you never know what sticky substances you’ll come across!