As you head out for all your favorite spring activities, chances are you need a great snack mix to keep everyone energetic–and entertained. No doubt there’s some Easter candy still squirreled away in your cupboard. You might even be looking for a way to use up those last handfuls of crackers or the bit of marshmallows that didn’t make it into hot chocolate before spring came along.
This is why the Ultimate Spring Snack Mix is not only a recipe, but also a great idea. The great thing about all snack mixes is you can customize them to your family’s taste and dietary choices, which really makes a snack mix the ultimate inspiration. It can be different every time, and that keeps the kids from ever calling it the dreaded b-word.
There’s nothing boring about a snack mix that calls each ingredient by a fun, spring-inspired name such as this one over at Bless This Mess. So go ahead, gather your bunnies and fluffy clouds, your robin eggs and spring worms, and create the best snack mix around.
At least until the next one is concocted.

Spring Snack Mix Ingredients and Inspiration

  • cheddar bunnies or goldfish (Walmart now has cheddar snacks in an owl shape)
  • chocolate chip bunnies
  • mini marshmallows
  • sour worms
  • jellybeans
  • gummy bunnies or fish
  • chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • mini malted milk eggs
  • flavored Craisins
  • mini pretzels
  • flavored Chex cereal (think blueberry, vanilla, or honey nut for sweet or rice or corn for savory)

Choose your favorites and mix in fairly equal proportions (maybe go lighter on the sugary snacks) in a large bowl. Try to use at least three salty snacks and two sweet snacks in your mix. Portion out into snack bags or containers for easy transport and optimal enjoyment!