If you have a child in diapers or pull-ups, we have a feeling that teaching them about money might not be the first thing on your mind. Understandably so! When kids are young, there are so many things they are learning. Colors, numbers, letters, to name a few. So, while money might not be the first thing you teach your child, it certainly is beneficial to introduce money concepts at an early age. Teaching kids about money doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll share a few tips on how to do just that in this blog post.

Talk about Money

This might sound strange, but simply talking about money is a great way to introduce the concept to young children. You don’t need to go into extreme detail about budgeting, bills, or anything like that. Rather, casually bring up ideas like items costing money, saving money for a fun item or treat, etc. 

Get a Piggy Bank

We live in an age of digital banking, but nothing beats a good ol’ piggy bank! These provide the perfect visual for little ones. They can see the money they save over time, as well as what happens when they take money out of the bank. These concepts are basic, but they are fundamental for future concepts!

Start Young

There’s no need to wait until your child is a certain age to teach them about money. The younger they learn basic concepts of spending, saving, and even giving to others, the better off they will be. On the flip side, it’s never too late to teach your kids about money! The older kids get, the more complex principles they can understand.

Set an Example

Let your kids see you spend money, save money, share money, deposit money in the bank, etc. They are watching you! Set an example in the way you use money responsibly. Your example goes farther than you know!