Unique Father's day gift Ideas
Let’s celebrate Dad this Father’s Day in a way that might be more memorable than last year’s tie or silly mug. Not that dads don’t love these classic gifts, but sometimes, it’s more fun to find a gift as unique as him.
Easy Printables
This Father’s Day, let the kids show off those handwriting skills they’ve been learning all year by printing a poster with the headline “I love Dad because…” Hang it in a prominent location and let the kids go to town before Dad gets up on Father’s Day. It’s always nice to be remembered for all the little things.
Moms aren’t the only ones who love coupons. Make Dad a coupon book filled with treats and activities he will enjoy, such as “help in the yard”, “date night with Mom”, and “favorite dinner.”
Check out fun printables here.
For Mr. Fix-It
Moms may wield the hammer, too, but lots of dads are known for their mad fix-it skills. Or maybe they’re known for all the things they try to fix…
Here are some ideas for the man who has it all—because he can fix anything to suit your family’s needs.

  • Look for t-shirts (can never have enough!) that remind Dad he’s “Mr. Fix-It” because he’s matched by “Little Miss Broke-It”. These are from KennieBlossoms on Etsy.
  • This multi-tool goes everywhere because it’s attached to dad’s keychain.
  • That keychain could be from Tag You’re It Jewelry to remind Dad everyone is “nuts” about him.
  • What dad doesn’t want a personalized hammer?

For Your Outdoorsman
No matter what his preferred outdoor activity is, chances are Dad will appreciate some nod to his favorite hobby. You can get creative and cute—make him a fishing pole of all his favorite candy bars for example.
Or just grab a bucket and fill it with all the goodies he’ll need for a day on the lake or in the woods or at the stadium. Think drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and a gift certificate or tickets to his favorite activity.
For the Gadget Man
Some dads just love gadgets. The newer, the quirkier, and the more time-saving all the better. Here are a few unique ideas that Dads say are great.

So what are you getting Dad this year?
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