It’s time to deck the halls with all your Christmas spirit, even if it still feels like the end of summer outside!  No matter where you are in the world, it’s December, and Christmas is just a few short weeks away.  So put on the hot chocolate, play some carols and break out all those Christmas decorations.  It’s time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!
How will you make this winter even more special for your family?  Why not trying adding a little bit of snow to the mix?  While the real stuff may be a freezing cold burden, a recipe for fake snow is just what Santa ordered to instill holiday cheer into all the kids around the world.  Gather your kids and try your hand at this fun recipe!
Homemade Snow:
What You’ll Need:

  • 1 can shaving cream
  • 2 boxes baking soda
  • Large plastic container

How You’ll Do It:

  • Mix the baking soda and shaving cream together with your hands in the plastic container.  Mix until you’ve got a good consistency that’s easy to mold and play with.
  • Let your kids in on the fun and have them mold and squish the homemade snow!
  • You might try instigating a homemade snowball fight–only if you think you can win!

Holiday traditions don’t have to be intricate or costly.  The best memories are the ones that are made together, in the silly moments.  Enjoy time with your family this holiday season and deck the halls with a batch of homemade snow!