With the holidays and all of their festivities behind us, many of us are embracing a slower-paced start to the new year. Kids are enjoying the new toys they received over the holidays, and parents might be thinking about the resolutions they set for 2021. If your family is like most of ours, you might be brainstorming how you can spend more quality time together this year. We’ll help you get started with this winter bucket list the whole family can do together!

Stop by a Farmers Market
There’s nothing like a Saturday morning trip to a local farmers market. Check out Boerne Market Days, open the second weekend of every month. Your kids will have a blast perusing local goods from artists, bakers, and more.

Visit the Library
Spend a morning or afternoon picking out some books at the library. Make it special by sending your kids on a book scavenger hunt. For example, challenge them to find a blue book, a book with a mouse on it, or a book about flowers. If they get stuck, have them ask a librarian for help!

Paint Pottery at Maker’s Place
Get your creative juices flowing at Maker’s Place! Kids love choosing a piece of pottery and painting it however they want. Mom and Dad get to join the painting fun, too!

Go All Out for Movie Night
Movie night might not seem like a special event, so make it one! Make a new kind of popcorn (caramel, cheese, kettle corn, etc.), bring out the sleeping bags, make personal pizzas, grab some movie theater candy, or anything else that will take a typical movie night to the next level. 

Bounce at the Boerne Bounce House
We can’t think of many better places for energetic little ones to wear themselves out.

Find the Best Hot Cocoa in Town
Drive around Boerne and pick up hot chocolate from a few different coffee shops, then sample them all to see which you think is best! Alternatively, pick up a variety of hot chocolates from the grocery store, and make them all at home to see which one is your favorite. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Take the Historic Boerne Walking Tour
Have you taken the historic walking tour yet? It’s a must-do for Boerne locals!

Forget Ice Cream…Go Out for Pickles!
Visit Carousel Antiques and try a famous pickle from Fickle Pickles!

Host a Board Game Marathon
Why just play one game for family game night? Bring out all, or your favorite, board games, and see who can win the most games! Check back this month for a blog post about the best board games for families. 

Is there anything else you’re going to add to your family’s winter bucket list? We’d encourage you to make a physical bucket list, hang it on your fridge, and get the whole family excited about crossing the items off together!