Fun Parent Child Activities

Quality one-on-one time is essential for parents and children. Intentional bonding time promotes closeness, builds trust, and fosters a healthy relationship. Of course, we know that it’s not always possible to schedule one-on-one time with your child…especially if you have more than one! There’s no hard and fast rule on how often you should plan one-on-one activities, but we encourage you to plan one special activity with each of your kids this month, if you can. These activities don’t have to be extravagent or complicated; the most important part is that they are intentional. Pick an idea below or come up with your own, but whatever you do, have fun!

Parent-Child Activities

  1. Hot Cocoa Date
    Go to a local coffee shop and order hot cocoa. Find a table or booth and enjoy it together.
  2. Neighborhood Nature Walk
    Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect things from nature, or bring sketchpads and draw what you see.
  3. Baking Adventure
    Choose a simple recipe and bake something together. Turn on your child’s favorite music, dance in the kitchen, and have fun!
  4. Ice Cream Excursion
    Go out for ice cream cones! Or bring ice cream home. Even if you have multiple kids, you could treat each one to a special at-home ice cream date once a month. Let them stay up a little past bedtime for ice cream with you.
  5. Board Game Fun
    Get your child’s favorite board game and give them your full attention! Or pick a new game up at the store and learn it together.
  6. Bowling Day
    Find a local bowling alley and foster some friendly competition!
  7. Early Bird Donuts
    Wake your little one up before the rest of the family, and go out for a spontaneous donut date. (We’re sure the rest of the family would appreciate if you brought back donuts for them, too!)
  8. Dinner Date
    Pick a local restaurant for dinner, or even a fast food restaurant! The important part is spending time together. Put your phone away and enjoy dinner together.
  9. Library Trip
    Take a trip to the library! Instead of grabbing some books and rushing out, pick some books and read them aloud at the library. Take your time and enjoy the afternoon.
  10. Picnic Party
    Pack a picnic and have a two-person party, complete with both of your favorite foods, drinks, and treats.

At the end of the day, your kids want to be with you. So don’t let the lack of time or money prevent you from carving out a little time to spend one-on-one with your littles. You can turn any activity into intentional quality time. Go have fun!