Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing a lot about our distance learning program at Country Home Learning Center. The idea of distance learning might seem overwhelming and you may still be wondering if it is right for your child. To help you navigate these unprecedented times, we have put together a list of some of the benefits of distance learning.

Distance Learning Develops Digital Skills
The majority of your child’s school work is done on an electronic device. While your child is doing their school work, they are also developing digital skills as they learn how to use their device. Many colleges and employers rely on distance learning and communication, so it can be valuable for your child to develop this skill at a young age.

Distance Learning Allows Your Child to Work at their Own Pace
Every kid learns at a different pace. Some kids grasp a concept right away and are able to breeze through their homework. Other kids need time to process what they are learning and it may take them twice as much time to complete their work. This can get frustrating in a classroom setting for both types of learners. With distance learning, your child has the freedom to work at their own pace.

Distance Learning Allows for Flexible Scheduling
Going to school in-person means your child needs to be at school at the same time every morning. Since your child’s distance learning setup is in the comfort of your own home, this means you get to make the schedule! While maintaining a routine is important, you have the flexibility to start school later and end earlier if that is what works best for you.

Distance Learning Allows You to be More Involved
With your child doing distance learning from home, you get to be more involved in their education. Your child still has a teacher who is available to help them with their assignments, but you get to be more hands-on with their learning process. Read our previous blog post for ideas on how to do this!

Although a distance learning setup might not be something you imagined for your child, it has many benefits! If you have any questions about our distance learning programs at Country Home Learning Center, contact us today.