As you prepare your child for the new school year, you may be preparing them for a distance learning program this time around. We realize that this is a brand new approach to school and you may feel lost when it comes to preparing your child for a new learning setup. To help, we’ve put together a list of distance learning tips to help you get started!

Choose Your Child’s Distance Learning Device
What will your child be doing their school work on? Since distance learning is online, it’s important to have an electronic device designated for school. This could be a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer. There are many suitable options, just choose the device that will work best for your child.

Establish a Learning Space
Assign a specific area where your child can go each day to learn. Preserving a designated learning space will give them the sense that they are “going” to school. Spacial boundaries will also help your child be able to “leave” school each day so they can come back again fresh the next day.

Take Frequent Breaks
Looking at a screen all day can be exhausting. For kids, it can be hard to sit still for long periods time. Encourage frequent breaks so your child can get up and burn off some energy. Challenge them to complete different kinds of exercises, such as basic hops, jumping jacks or push-ups. You can make it a fun game to see how fast they can complete a certain amount. Then, next time they take a break, see if they can beat their previous time!

Prioritize Your Child’s Well-Being
Sometimes kids struggle to stay focused on their learning, which, in turn, can be frustrating to you. When your child starts to lose focus, take a quick snack or exercise break for a few minutes to break things up. Flexibility is key for you and for your child.

Encourage Your Child to Ask Their Teacher for Help
When your child comes across something in their school work that they don’t understand, don’t feel like you always have to have the answers. With our distance learning program, your child has access to their teacher who is ready to help. Encourage your child to engage with their teacher throughout the learning process and ask for help when needed – that’s what they’re there for!

Distance learning can seem like a daunting concept at first, but don’t let it discourage you. As you implement the ideas above, you will settle on a routine that works for your child, just give it a little time. You’ve got this!