Spring has sprung! Well over most of the country anyway. Soon the bluebonnets will be waving and the summer heat will be baking, but in the meantime, let’s get outside and embrace beautiful weather.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Haven’t done this since you were a kid? No problem. It’s like riding a bike. But in case you’ve forgotten, Peppa Pig and You Tube can teach the kids everything they need to know. Kite flying is great exercise (and an excellent way to sneak in science and math facts.)
Have fun making your own simple kite, or pick up a fancy one at any local toy store this time of year.

Pack a Picnic

Before the noonday sun forces you inside for lunch, take advantage of pleasant temperatures and pack a picnic. Keep it simple with kid friendly foods, toss a blanket in the car, and head off to whatever grassy spot looks good for lounging, snacking, and maybe tossing a frisbee.
Fun picnic food ideas:

  • mini bagel sandwiches
  • turkey wraps with cucumber and cream cheese
  • lunchtime kabobs (meat, cheese, grape tomatoes)
  • sliced fruit with squeezable yogurt
  • veggies with individual hummus spreads
  • mini muffins

Feed the Birds

There’s nothing kids love more than a craft involving food–even when the food isn’t for them. Make a simple bird feeder with the tried and true peanut butter/sunflower seeds combo from your childhood, or set up the workshop and build one just right for little hands. This one even gives you a chance to get all the Legos off the floor. Either way, once you hang it up, the kids will hang out on the porch all day just to see if the birds come.

Chalk It Up

Sidewalk chalk is one of the most inexpensive ways to entertain kids all day. From learning games to physical coordination, sidewalk chalk abounds with creative ideas. A picture is worth the price of chalk when your kids become superheroes; Tic-Tac-Toe is always more fun on a bigger scale; spelling words get easier when written in rainbow colors; and every artist needs a palette as large as your parking space.
When they’re done, if the weather’s warm and you’re game, turn on the water hose and wash down them–and the driveway. Then you’ll be ready to start again tomorrow!
Get outside, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy being a kid–with your kids!