More Podcasts for Kids

Last year we shared some of our favorite podcasts for kids. In the digital world, creators are adding new content constantly, so we’re sharing some more of our favorite podcasts for kids.

But Why

Do you have a little one who loves to ask, “Why?” He or she (and you!) will love this podcast that tackles big topics and questions that kids can submit.

Little Stories for Tiny People

This podcast features original stories perfect for bedtime or anytime!

Dream Big

This podcast was created to inspire kids to pursue their passions and dream big. Hosted by a 10-year-old and her mom, Dream Big will inspire listeners of all ages.

Professor Theo’s Mystery Lab

Your child will look forward to the weekly episodes of this podcast, where imaginations can run wild with Professor Theo, his mystery lab, and bizarre happenings in his town.

Circle Round

Created for children ages 4 to 10, this podcast adapts folktales into 10 to 20 minute radio plays.

What If World

This storytelling podcast walks kids through wacky “what if” questions, like what if donuts came to life or what if there was a never-ending bowl of ice cream? This podcast will keep the whole family laughing.

Purple Rocket Podcast

Intended for listeners ages 5 to 12, this show of fictional, fairy-filled adventures is sure to delight listeners of all ages.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

This weekly podcast is a two-hour selection of family friendly music for kids and their parents to enjoy on a Saturday morning. Discover new music every week!

Smash Boom Best

This debate show teaches kids how to respectfully defend their opinions using facts. Every episode features a showdown of two different things, and listeners can decide which one they think should win.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

With eight seasons so far, this story podcast is sure to capture the attention of young listeners. Dr. Floyd and his protégé are on a mission to get their time travel device back from Dr. Steve, the evil doctor who stole it from them. Each episode features some historical figure.

The Imagine Neighborhood

This podcast, hosted by the Committee for Children (CFC), provides a space to talk about big feelings and emotions. It also teaches little ones how to build relationships and solve problems.

Which podcast will your kids be listening to this week?