Do you have a little one with a summer birthday? If you’re looking for some fun ideas for summer birthday parties, you’re in the right place! We’re sharing some unique summer party ideas that might be perfect for your little one. And while we love a good pool party, they’re pretty common, so you won’t find that party idea on our list.

Ice Cream Party

Who needs cake when you can have ice cream? There’s so much you can do for an ice cream party. Build your own ice cream sundae, pin the ice cream scoop on the cone…you could even make homemade ice cream!

Sprinkler Party

Don’t have a pool in your backyard? You can still have a water-themed party! Set up a few sprinklers and organize some water games for the partygoers. You could even set up a giant slip and slide for extra fun.

Fruit Party

There are few things more refreshing than cold fruit on a hot summer day. Instead of the classic party snacks like chips and candy, offer guests fruit galore! Watermelon slices, frozen grapes (for older children), berries, apples dipped in caramel…the options are endless! You could even make smoothies instead of cake. Or, you could make fruit “cookies” by using cookie cutters to cut shapes out of watermelon slices.

Bubble Party

Bring your own bubbles to this summer party! From bubble machines to bubble guns and any other bubble toy you can find, this party will be bubble-tastic! For a party favor, you can even hand out bubble gum. For a fun bubbly drink, serve sparkling water or juice!

If you’re trying to plan a birthday party for your child this summer, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple! Most times, simple is actually best! Kids know how to use their imaginations and have fun with anything, even a simple bottle of bubbles.