San Antonio Summer Camp
School’s out for summer! All the kids and teachers rejoice. All the parents scramble to make plans that will be engaging, educational, and most important – take place during the workday.
As summer approaches, consider a quality day camp experience for your children. All preschool and many elementary aged kids are not ready for the rigors of sleepover camp, but the experience of day camp can hone their creativity, maintain their academic skills, and foster activity all summer long.
What should you look for in a quality day camp program?
Exploration and hands-on enrichment. Look for programs that offer science, math, computer, language, and the creative arts as avenues for learning and fun. Summer is a great time for kids to enjoy opportunities missed in a standard school setting. Our program offers activities such as science experiments, making rock star videos, creating scrapbooks, and designing t-shirts. Theme based units offer lessons that are so much fun, kids often forget they’re actually learning academic skills that will help them in their next school year.
Field Trips. Summer is the perfect time to explore our local attractions as well as the ones that get missed during the busy school year. Visits to stadiums, aquariums, museums, zoos, mini-golf, and water parks break up the week and offer kids incentive to get out of bed on those tough mornings.
The opportunity for growth. Just as your child changed during the school year, advancing perhaps from toddler to preschooler or preschooler to elementary student, summer is another big jump in development for young children. Strong programs will enrich this development, recognizing the need for social skills, as well as intellectual and emotional growth. Physically, a day camp program should keep your child active and unplugged for the majority of the day. Active play is an important part of a child’s development and should factor into any program.
As you plan your summer vacations and activities, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our new, updated summer camps. You can also get more information about our enrichment programs by visiting this page.
Relax and know you’re making a great decision for your child by sending him or her to day camp. If only school and work could be this much fun!