Sensory Activities for Fall

Sensory activities aid in many areas of child development, including fine motor skills, cognitive growth, and language development. We’ve shared some of our favorite sensory activities before, and today we’re sharing some of the best seasonal sensory activities for this fall!

Pumpkin Squish Bags

This is the perfect post pumpkin carving activity! Be sure to save the insides from your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Sensory Bag Squish Bag

Candy Corn Slime

Do your kiddos love candy corn? They’ll love this slime!

Craftulate: Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Fall Spice Railroad

If your preschooler is a fan of trains or building things, try this activity first! Build your own railroad with play-dough and cinnamon sticks.

Spooky Noodles

All you need is food coloring and noodles for this fall-themed activity. Who knew spaghetti could be so fun…and spooky??

spooky noodles fb

Fall “Soup”

This soup might not be edible, but it sure is fun to play in. All you need is water, water color paint or food coloring, and acrylic leaves!

Don’t let the fall season pass before you try out these fun sensory activities with your kids!