In last week’s blog post we shared a list of distance learning tips to help you and your child find a routine for your distance learning set up. This week we thought we would share tips on how to get the most out of distance learning.

Maintain a Schedule While one of the best parts about distance learning is the freedom to be flexible, it’s important to also maintain a schedule. Having a target start time, lunch time, and end time each day helps establish a routine and maintain a good daily rhythm.

Reduce Distractions Kids are easily distracted, so reducing distractions during your child’s designated school time is a must in order to help them focus. Toys should be in a completely different room than where they sit to do school and the TV should remain off until their assignments are done. When your child starts asking how much school they have left for the day, is curious to know what’s for dinner, and wants to tell you about all the things they want to do when their school day is over, acknowledge their questions but then gently refocus them back on their work.

Turn Assignments into Object Lessons If your child is having a hard time grasping a concept in their math homework, turn the assignment into an object lesson with their favorite snack. Sometimes having a visual example of the problem is key for the concept to click in your child’s mind. The snack can also serve as an incentive – once your child finishes the lesson, they get to eat it!

Get Your Hands Dirty Enrolling your child in distance learning may make you think that they will miss out on a lot of normal in-person experiences, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, get your hands dirty with today’s science experiment! Turning your at-home learning space into a science lab for the day is a great way to help your child experience hands-on learning…and have fun while they’re at it.

Challenge Your Child to Implement What They’re Learning Encourage your child’s comprehension skills by challenging them to integrate what they’ve learned into everyday life. This can be as simple as practicing their new math skills while counting critters in the back yard, or stopping to spell newly learned words when they come up in everyday conversation.

Distance learning is ultimately what you make of it! What are some tips you might add to this list? Contact us today about our distance learning programs at Country Home Learning Center.