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Healthy Habits for Families

February 17, 2020  |  Categories: Parent Resources, Quick Tips

Last week we shared some healthy dessert recipes for the whole family. To follow up, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some healthy everyday habits for families, because we all know that health encompasses a lot more than what we eat. There are so many aspects of health—physical, emotional, mental, and…

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Quick and Healthy Dessert Ideas

February 10, 2020  |  Categories: Parent Resources, Recipes

It’s the second month of the year, which means it’s most likely starting to get tempting to slack off on any new year goals to eat better as a family. We strongly believe in moderation, so we hope you’ll enjoy your favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate or dessert. But in the long run, finding healthier ways…

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The Parent’s Guide to Fruit

January 27, 2020  |  Categories: General Child Care, Parent Resources

It’s probably not news to you that different fruits provide different nutrients. Furthermore, it’s important for kids and adults alike to get a healthy variety of these nutrients in their diets. We’ve done the research for you so that you can know the benefits of the most popular fruits in order to provide your family…

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Why Routines are Important for Kids

January 20, 2020  |  Categories: General Child Care

Did you know that routines actually help children thrive? It might be easy to believe that asking children to follow a routine would limit them, but routines actually give children a sense of security. This sense of security comes from knowing what to expect on a regular basis. A child can know that after bath…

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Crockpot Breakfast Recipes for the Family

January 13, 2020  |  Categories: Recipes

Mornings with kids can be crazy, to say the least. Getting teeth brushed, clothes on, hair combed, and stomachs fed is like an olympic sport. So why not make your mornings a little easier by eliminating breakfast prep? If you have a slow cooker at home, this blog post may be your new best friend….

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Turn Your Living Room Into a Winter Wonderland

January 6, 2020  |  Categories: Activities

The holidays may be over, but we still have several months of winter to enjoy. If you don’t want to keep your Christmas decorations up all season long, consider transforming your living room into a winter wonderland. We have a handful of simple but creative decorating ideas that will get the whole family involved. Your…

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Setting Family Goals for the New Year

December 30, 2019  |  Categories: Activities

As 2020 approaches, you might be thinking of what New Year’s resolutions you will commit to for the next year. Whether it is running three times a week, eating less fast food, reading a certain number of books, or something else, a new year is a great time to set goals. We’re all familiar with…

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Giving Back This Season

December 23, 2019  |  Categories: General Child Care

It’s easy to focus on all the things we want this time of year. New electronics, clothes, toys, and more grab our attention everywhere we look. But what if we spent time giving back to our community instead of focusing on all the things we think we need? What if we opened our eyes to…

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Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

December 16, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. As parents, it can feel like the gifts we give our kids year after year become “more stuff” that sits idle in playrooms just a few months after Christmas is over. Our kids already have so many toys they love, so why not give them experience gifts…

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